Zanzibar, Tanzania

"Step off the boat or plane onto Zanzibar and you'll be transported through the miles and the centuries - to the ancient kingdom of Persia, to the Oman of bygone days with its cliphs and sultans, to the west coast of India with its sensual rhymthms and heavily laden scents. (...) Along the coast, life goes on as it has for centuries, its pace set by the rhythm of the tides and the winds of monsone."

Kiwengwa Beach, Zanzibar

"Kiwengwa village is spread out along a fine, wide beach, much of which is occupied by large, Italian-run resort hotels, although there are some much quieter stretches to the north and south *"
* Baby Bush Lodge - Kiwenga View is located to the north of Kiwengwa village, one of the quietest spots on the beach.  Its one of the most famous beaches on the island for its lack of sea weed and clear blue water.  There is also a reef about a half a kilometer out, there are two high and low tides everyday where the water rises from 1 inch to 5 meters high.  At low tide one can walk out all the way to the reef.

Kiwengwa Beach - Getting there & away

Source: Lonely Planet Tanzania, 2008

Map Kiwengwa Beach, Zanzibar