Kiwengwa View

Baby Bush Lodge - Kiwengwa View is located on Kiwengwa Beach.

Kiwenga Beach "Little Italy" of Zanzibar

Kiwengwa Beach - often nick named the "Little Italy" of Zanzibar - is located on one of the most pristine exclusive beaches on the east coast of Zanzibar. It was one of the first places on the east coast to be developed because of its world famous crystal clear blue waters, and the fact that there is virtually no sea weed or sand bugs. Here you can truly enjoy the tranquility of paradise in a quite peaceful atmosphere.

Small-scale tourism on Kiwengwa Beach, Zanzibar

Many of the busy nearby resorts in the area can accommodate up to 400 people. Baby Bush Lodge Zanzibar is the ideal destination for travelers looking for a laid back lodge with an emphasis on personalized world class service. Although in kiwengwa, the lodge is far enough up the beach from the big resorts to keep a laid back peaceful atmosphere. At Baby bush Lodge one can truly relax and at the same time enjoy all the benifits of being on one of the most famous beaches in Zanzibar. The photo to the right is the view from the lodge during high tide. The lodge is about 45 meters back from the beach. There is excpetional bird eye views from almost every bungalow of the ocean as the lodge sits on a small hill/mountain(they are rare in Zanzibar).